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AVANI is not just a label. AVANI is not just a unique jewellery concept. AVANI is also a state of mind, the spirit of the adventurous life, built on boldness.
Because the ocean is our source of inspiration, our bracelets are aimed at brave mariners and sailors, captains, pirates and corsairs, travellers, adventurers, poets, lovers of nature and the oceans…

Our bracelets will be your best companion to make your dreams of escape come true, cross the waves above the storms and hurricanes, sail the tropical sea, run in the waves and the wind, admire the stars, and roam the world in search of faraway islands.

By wearing an AVANI bracelet, you become ambassadors of our values and our commitment to saving the oceans.
So thank you.

Te mana o te moana, the spirit of the ocean

The foundation Te mana o te moana – the spirit of the ocean in Tahitian – is a non-for profit association, co-founded in September 2004 in French Polynesia by Cécile Gaspar, veterinary doctor and doctor of marine biology and by Richard Bailey, CEO of Pacific Beachcomber.

Through its research, conservation and education activities, this association works for the protection of the marine environment in French Polynesia.

In the field of Education, Te mana o te moana creates educational programs and communication tools contributing to a better knowledge of the local natural marine heritage and its fragility.

In the field of Research, the association created a sanctuary for green sea turtles that come to lay their eggs on the beaches of Tetiaroa’s atoll.

In the field of Conservation, te mana o te moana creates protection and monitoring programs of emblematic marine species in French Polynesia (cetaceans, sea turtles, fishes, coral…). In the context of this mission, the association manages a care center for sea turtles located within the InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa. Created in February 2004, the care center hosts ill, injured and mutilated sea turtles or sea turtles seized by the authorities during their interventions. As soon as their health conditions allow it, the sea turtles are released back to the ocean, most of the time with school children. Up to date, more than 500 sea turtles have been welcomed in our care center.
AVANI is particularly sensitive to the causes supported by Te mana o te moana, and is taking action with this association by donating 1€ for each sold item. For further information please visit :

Artisan-made in France

Our AVANI bracelets are synonymous with advanced French skills and fine materials, proof of authenticity and excellence. Our medallions have a strong visual identity inspired by the ocean, and are struck in Florentine bronze by a workshop with rare skills that has been awarded the EPV label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant - Living Heritage Enterprise).

From engraving to enamelling, from hand-polishing to placing of the handmade patinas, our AVANI bracelets are meaningful and ethical.
Our creations are exclusive, and all our designs are patented.

To make the cords, AVANI has chosen upmarket quality and French manufacturing. We work with a family-run rope-making business that combines ancestral know-how with a passion passed on down 4 generations. These rope-makers supply top navigators and equip many sailboats that compete in the Vendée Globe.
AVANI’s creations are therefore designed, created and manufactured to stand the test of time.


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Because our community expects our products to also embody values, AVANI is committed to a genuine corporate social responsibility approach every day.

Always aware of environmental issues, AVANI uses packaging made from raw materials of plant origin, so that the materials produced can biodegrade without harming the environment. All AVANI bracelets are therefore packed in pretty boxes made of recycled card and paper from sustainably managed forests (FSC certification).

AVANI also contributes to the social and solidarity economy, by having its bracelets packed by an ESAT (a French type of work integration social enterprise) whose mission is to facilitate the social and occupational integration of adults with disabilities.